Ladies Yellow Memory Foam Insole


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A Pair Ultimate Impact Memory, Pro Sports In-Soles.

The Design Style helps the following conditions:-

• Painful Achilles heel problems (Plantar fasciitis).

• Protects against Sports Impact and Strike.

• Helps correct the condition of hyper pronation.

• Supports and cradles foot where most needed.

• Relieves muscular back and knee pain.

• Helps reduce shin splints, reduces the stresses on the lower body.

The In-sole:-

• These Insoles are made from high grade Medical memory ™ polymer, moulded into a 3D profile designed to contour and wrap around the foot.

• Micro Velour foot liner gives the ultimate comfort, whilst absorbing moisture to keep feet dry and reduce odour.

• The unique blue profiled memory™polymer, in the heel and ball areas, provides superior shock absorption and provides long lasting comfort.

• Helps take the day to day aches and pains away from tired feet with acupuncture points on the ball area of the foot, these can also be worn in day to day shoes and work ware shoes.

• In-soles come in a sealed plastic packet.

• These insoles are perfect for Golf , Walking, Hiking, Active sports or just to be used for general use in every day shoes.

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